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Welcome to Magazine Loans, your one-stop shop for the very best logbook loan deals from the leading lenders in the market. Regardless of what your situation is, or what specific requirements you may have, our vast portfolio of logbook loan lenders ensure that there is always something for everyone. So if it’s a logbook loan you need, there is certainly no place you should rather be.

Logbook loans are in more than one way quite different from your everyday loans. Everyone, at some point in time, resorts to getting a loan for various different reasons. However, most of the loans that you may come across in the market are plagued with downsides that logbook loans aim to eliminate. Whether it is the long wait or the uncertainty factor, logbook loans quite effectively deliver you the convenience they promise to. That’s what makes them so special, that’s why you should not waste a thought on such ordinary loans and hop on.

What’s a logbook loan?

A logbook loan is basically a readily available, secured loan that comes to you with minimum restrictions. It takes its name from the fact that you must secure your loan by putting your car as the collateral. Doing so would require you to handover the logbook loan of your car to the lender company. However, you get to keep the keys and therefore, the practical ownership of the car remains with you. Since you secure the loan using your car, the loan you get is a fraction of your car’s estimated worth. Once the loan is repaid, the logbook of the car is handed back to you.

What makes logbook loans stand out?

Logbook loans are quite different from your ordinary loans in that they stand up to their claim of maximum convenience. If you have heard that these loans are very easy to get access to, you have heard it right. Not only is the entire procedure extremely simple to understand, the relaxed or non-existent credit requirements ensure that there is absolutely no hurdle standing in your way. Add to this the impressive speed at which you can get your hands on the money, minimum paperwork requirements, and the absence of rigorous unnecessary protocols and you start to see what makes these loans so special. These near-guaranteed loans also offer you certainty like no other loan.

Where do we come in?

While in general these loans tend to come with extremely favorable terms, the fact that there are an increasing number of logbook loan providers in the market makes it rather difficult for you to decide whether or not the logbook loan you chose is the right one for you. What if there is a much better offer in the market that you are unaware of? The question is ‘how would you know?’ – It is these instances which makes it necessary for Magazine Loans to step in. What we do is bring to you, at one place, the very best deals from the market. You do not have to spend your precious time, surfing from one place to another, getting quotations. Not only is this a waste of time, but can also turn out to be frustrating. At Magazine Loans, you can skim through the cream of the deals from the leading logbook loan providers in the market and compare them to decide which one suits you best. We have a vast portfolio of logbook loans, which includes providers such as Varooma. Getting a loan was never this easy.

How much money do we give?

The amount of loan you get is directly dependent on the estimated value of the car you choose to keep as collateral. Therefore, we encourage you to keep your expectations accordingly. If you can choose between cars, choose the one that has an estimated value nearer to the amount of loan you need. Once the lenders have estimated its value, they offer to you a fraction of its worth.

What do you need to have?

While you do not have to go through any never-ending paper work or unnecessary hassle and are also free from the requirement of having good credit ratings, there are still a few requirements you need to fulfil. First thing you need is to be a citizen of the UK. If that is in order, you will need to have a legally owned car.

The car you choose to keep as collateral must also be in accordance with the requirements of the lenders. There are two basic requirements, in addition to the ownership requirement, all lenders need your car to stand up to. Firstly, you must not already have a loan taken out on the car you choose, as it makes your car a part of an existing finance, and thus, disqualifying it for further financing. Secondly, the car must be fully insured. If it is not, you can have it insured before you apply for the loan. If all these are met, your loan is, in most cases, near-guaranteed.

How do I get started?

Offering you loans which claim to be all about convenience and ease, it only makes sense to also offer you such convenience in ease in comparing these loans. All you have to do is fill in our online application and provide us with the necessary data. We will process it without any delay and get back to you the very same day. It is really this simple.

How do you get to know more??

Exploring through our website should give you a much closer look at how we work, and what logbook loans really are. Our work is quite similar to what you may find at loan comparison websites. If you need further information, websites likeLogbook Loans Reviewexist to aid your situation.

Why you are in the right place?

The better the deals, the higher difficulty you face in choosing which one to opt for. To ease this situation, we are here for you, allowing you unprecedented ease in comparing logbook loans from the leading lenders in the market such as Therefore, if you have set your heart upon getting a logbook loan, what better place to be in than Magazine Loans, where you see all that you can get your hands on, compare them, and end up with the right one.