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  • We, at Magazine Loans, are a platform where you can come to enlighten yourself about all the logbook loan deals that you can get your hands on. Our online comparison tool allows you to take a glance at the very best from the market, granting you the chance to put what you want and what you can have on the same table and choose the logbook loan that is best for you.

    The reasons that make logbook loans so popular are no secret. However, these characteristics of logbook loans translate into an increased no. of options to choose from. Amid such plethora of choice, it is anything but easy to make a choice you are entirely positive about. To ensure that there is no doubt as to whether or not the loan you choose is the right one for you, we exist. At Magazine Loans, our aim is to ensure that maximum convenience is delivered. Walking in this path, we bring you the most convenient way of getting access to the most convenient loans around. Hop on and acquaint yourself with all the appetizing deals you would otherwise miss out on.